6 Brilliant Ways to Increase Your Income


There’s no better time to increase your income than right now. When it seems like the world is descending into madness, it’s therapeutic to hone your focus on something beneficial that you can control. Besides, what could be better than making some extra money?

Learn to increase your income.
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Exactly, now let’s do this!

Try the following tips to increase your income:

1. Design your ideal future life and map out how you’ll increase your income

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First, you need to ask yourself, what would be your perfect life? Would you live in a less populated area or in the city? What state (or even country) resonates with you? For me, living in the countryside in Colorado is perfect. I love it out here, and it’s far better than living in big cities or suburban areas.

Put in some time thinking about what place would make you happy. What job would bring joy to you every day? Also, what would you do in your downtime? Then Google how to do each step and schedule to do them.

2.  Increase your income with a side gig

increase income with a gig

There’s lots of side money to be made. So, why not tap into it? Maybe you don’t know about any legitimate ways to make some extra income?

Don’t worry; I’ve compiled some better options for you to give your bank account a boost. Granted, you’re not going to get paid tons at first, but at least you’ll earn some extra income.

Here they are:

3. Learn new things to increase your income

learn for more income

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

— Benjamin Franklin

Every morning ask yourself what’s the most important thing you could do today. What would help you to be more successful? Do that first.

Also, where have you been wasting time?

Example time wasters:

  • News
  • Social media
  • Small talk
  • Texting

Instead, use your spare time to gain a new lucrative skill:

If you learn some valuable new skills, soon you could get paid to use them!

4. Increase your income by getting a raise


“Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.”
— Zig Ziglar

Granted, this one is labor-intensive. But, one option, if you want to gain more income, is to become a top performer in your industry. Work faster and more accurately than anyone else.

Don’t chat about the weather; instead, get focused, and get to work. Besides, your co-workers aren’t paying your bills.

 So, shock your boss with your results, your ethics, and your determination. When your company needs to promote someone, they’ll think of you first.

Make the company you work for thankful that they hired you.

Then ask your boss for a raise. Point out what you’ve done to deserve it and that you’d even like more responsibility. Furthermore, a dollar raise will equate to an extra $2,000 every year. So, make an impact, and you’ll be moving up in no time.

5. Solve the issues that prevent your progress

solve your issues

What could you improve about yourself that would sky-rocket your income and productivity?

More confidence? Charisma? Better planning, skills, or knowledge?

Maybe you’re held back by a fear of failure or of making mistakes? Those issues can be solved by getting out there and failing more. Fail, make mistakes, and own it. There’s nothing wrong with failing.

It’s not trying at all that will ruin your dreams.

Don’t try to work around all your obstacles; crush them, so you don’t need to worry about them. That will clear the path for you to advance onward.

6.  Increase your income passively

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

“It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating.”
— Oscar Wilde

Ideally, everyone should have at least one source of passive income. However, don’t let the word “passive” fool you into thinking you won’t need to put in work.

Passive income usually involves spending a good amount of time and effort creating a product, putting it on the market, and then sitting back while it continues to sell over time.

Even better, you can build up several streams of passive income. Which I highly recommend. There’s nothing like waking up and seeing how much money you made while you were dreaming.

You can design and sell T-shirts, face masks, and more with Teespring. Furthermore, anyone can do it, and it’s free!

You create the designs, then they print and ship them to customers. However, you do have to share some of the profit with Teespring. But, it’s worth it because you don’t have to buy the products, print your design on them or deal with shipping.

More passive income ideas:

  1. Sell digital products like apps or ebooks
  2. Create and sell an online course on Teachable
  3. Make and sell things on Etsy

In short, any of the above tips will increase your income. Furthermore, if you get really good at any one of them, you could make enough to quit your day job. Then you could be your own boss and spend every day getting paid to do what you love!

Photo by Antonio Francisco on Unsplash
Photo by Antonio Francisco on Unsplash

If you try one of these tips, please let me know how it went. I hope you all increase your income!

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