Sheryl Barnes

Finished by deadline.

05 Jul: 10 Effective Ways to Finish Things Before the Deadline


28 Jun: How to Prevail Over Anxiety and Live Your Life

Anxiety can take over your life and your mind if you let it run rampant. Try these tips to ease your worries and get back to normal.

life review

21 Jun: Feeling Lost? How to Do a Life Review and Head in the Right Direction

Doing a life review can show you the direction to go to find meaning. Maybe you’ve been going the wrong way? Come see how you’re doing.


14 Jun: Here’s How You Can Be More Proactive Starting Today

Regardless of your current situation you can turn things around with a more proactive mindset. Luckily it’s possible to build this quality!

crop man writing in journal.

31 May: How to Improve Your Well-Being and Achieve Your Goals by Keeping a Journal

Writing in a journal has many advantages for your health and well-being. Find out what they are and the ways you can use writing to improve your life.

approval man in hoodie sitting and looking at camera against pink background

24 May: How to Stop Being a Slave for People’s Approval and Validate Yourself

Needing people’s approval is a recipe for disappointment. We’re all unique, so we might bother someone, but that’s their problem. Not yours.

boost self-esteem

17 May: 9 Valuable Methods Proven to Increase Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is necessary if you want an exceptional life. Without it, you’ll struggle and overthink everything. Eventually, the lack of confidence will suck the joy out of life. But here are 9 simple steps to revive how you feel about yourself!

mistakes people make

10 May: 12 Horrible Mistakes People Make That You Can Easily Avoid

We all make mistakes sometimes. But if you want to avoid another one that could take years or decades to fix. Make sure you avoid these!

flock of sheep standing on grassland in countryside

03 May: Herd Mentality: How to Notice It and Break Free From the Crowd

A herd mentality can make you not stand out from the crowd. But you need to be noticeable if you want to be successful.